Renuka Ranaweera

Renuka Ranaweera

Registered Practical Nurse

Renuka is an Ottawa native, and has been a Registered Practical Nurse for 15 years. Her main nursing experience comes from working in an Operating Room setting, and brings with her knowledge in general, plastic, neurology, and vascular surgery, among other hospital experience. Most recently, Renuka has taken a leadership role as Public health Nurse supporting community health and wellness.

Her experiences working with Ottawa’s best surgical teams for many years have allowed Renuka to perfect her aseptic technique, provide impeccable care, and achieve incredible attention to detail. Renuka has a love for health and beauty, and believes everyone deserves to feel good in their skin and take time for themselves. Her philosophy has led her to explore this sector of nursing in Medical Aesthetics. Renuka offers services such as Sclerotherapy, Hydrafacials, Microneedling, and PRP.

Feeling amazing is being comfortable in your own skin.” –Renuka

Services Renuka Offers; HydraFacial